84% of Adults Use the Internet: Will They Use it to Bridge the Skills Gap?
Digital readiness is the new index of effective technology usage

Ideally, the internet is the perfect stage for both personal and business learning.

This goes far beyond occasionally referencing Wikipedia: Adults in the workforce can use online courses, tutorials, walk-throughs and other tools to build skills that will become increasingly crucial as the IoT shifts the nature of work.

Over at PEW Research, a study was done to highlight how prepared Americans are to learn with digital tools. Here’s the five-factor rubric PEW used:

  1. How confident is the subject with using computers?
  2. How good is the subject at getting new technology to work?
  3. How often does the subject use digital tools to learn?
  4. How effective is the subject at determining if online information is trustworthy?
  5. How familiar is the learner with modern EdTech terminology?

The results showed that users who are reluctant to use technology for learning are the same people who need help in using new devices, or telling the difference between false and accurate information online.

The takeaway here?

The people who most effectively use technology to learn are curious, savvy thinkers who enjoy coming to terms with new technology and thinking critically at the same time.

Only 17% of PEW’s subjects made the grade as being truly digitally ready.

Are you prepared to shore up the skills gap with your digital learning abilities? See the full results of the study to find out how you measure up.