For IIoT Success, Start With Your Corporate Culture
Adopting an IIoT strategy without the necessary internal changes could hurt more than it helps

Quick! The IIoT is coming! Embrace this new technological revolution before it leaves you in the dust!

But before you do, take a good hard look at how your company’s culture is configured, says PwC’s Karim Bibawi on DZone.

If it doesn’t exhibit the three following characteristics, chasing the IIoT could spell disaster:

  1. Multidisciplinary Teams: Is your organization full of silos? That could be a problem. The IIoT isn’t just about your IT department, it’s about every department, and every team. For maximum success, you’ll need to have people from across the company at the same table — even if it’s a virtual one — to contribute their perspectives.
  2. Machines Enhancing Minds: Is there a fear factor amongst your people that AI and automation will hurt their jobs? This needs to change: The productivity gains needed in an IIoT world require that people see machines as an enhancement, not a replacement, of their job function.
  3. Recognize And Support “Intrapreneurs”: Your people are still your biggest asset, even in an IIoT world. Make sure you encourage the ones who are on the lookout for ways to improve processes and increase efficiencies. They will be a key driver of success, but only if they are allowed to fail fast, adjust and move forward.

For more, read the full article on DZone.

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