AI Is Key to Integrating Workers Into the IoT Economy
Humans can translate big data into actionable insights with the help of AI

One of the most valuable assets to come from smart, connected devices is the data they collect.

Unfortunately, one of the stumbling blocks for enterprise level adoption of these devices is the sheer amount of data they produce — far more than can ever be processed, let alone acted upon, by a realistically-sized human workforce.

To gain insight from this data, organizations will need to leverage AI and machine learning.

Gary Eastwood writes in Network World:

“As a new generation of AI explicitly designed to work alongside of humans is born, current ways of doing business or predicting future trends will come to be entirely revolutionized. While AI is often lambasted as the boogeyman coming to take jobs, its ability to integrate human workers into the IoT economy could be its most impactful effect.”

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