How AR is Fighting the ‘Tyranny of the Modern Office’
Meta is using augmented reality to change the way all of us will work

In the enterprise, AR is making an immediate impact on the way products are serviced.

If the startup Meta has its way, however, it won’t just be service technicians feeling the effect, but every worker in the office.

As reported by Selina Wang in Bloomberg Technology:

“Meta founder and Chief Executive Officer Meron Gribetz, is determined to end what he calls the ‘tyranny of the modern office’ by replacing monitors, keyboards and eventually even cubicles with augmented reality. To get there, he’s using his own employees … as test subjects to help Meta figure out what works and what doesn’t.”

While the benefits in service applications seem easy to understand—the technology can allow workers in the field to decipher complex machinery, for example—it’s less obvious in the traditional office environment.

So far, the experiences in the Meta offices have revealed where the most immediate gains can be made:

“Based on the experiences of Meta employees, the biggest productivity gain is having virtually boundless space for an unlimited number of screens. That means focusing on one task while distractions—email, social media—can literally sit behind you. Some Meta employees say that making a spreadsheet of data enormous can make it easier to spot interesting trends in the numbers. It’s also made brainstorming easier, they say, since you can collaborate on giant, holographic pages.”

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