The IoT Is Helping Factories Go Green
The IoT's predictive power is helping factories cut energy consumption

The IoT isn’t just streamlining the manufacturing process for factories. It’s predictive power is also helping them cut energy consumption.

In an article for GreenBiz, Heather Clancy writes:

One of the biggest areas where the internet of manufacturing can make an impact centers on energy. By measuring core operational data such as temperatures, pressure levels or the vibrations associated with certain machinery, plant managers can get a much clearer picture about when they need maintenance.

These insights can help companies cut energy consumption, because inefficient equipment usually uses more power than it should, said Jenny Linton, president of OSIsoft, which sells technology that analyzes data captured from sensors, manufacturing tools and power supplies. Its platform is called the Pi System, and it includes data capture and visualization tools.

The OSIsoft Pi System platform has been behind a number of energy-related initiatives. At an Alcoa plant it was used to determine when smelting lines ran, based on when it was more energy-efficient to do so.

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