Your Talent Management Strategy is Crucial to ROI in the IoT
It takes more than the IT department to create IoT success

Success in the IoT isn’t just about the technical skills of the people your company hires. What’s crucial is the way in which employees with technical, business and people skills are able to collaborate across departments and business units.

As Maciej Kranz writes in Harvard Business Review:

IoT solutions tend to span information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), and core business functions. These groups must work together. Thus leading IoT adopters are increasingly bringing these functions together at an organizational level, creating new roles and hierarchies. Last year, BP-Akers, the Norwegian petroleum company, created a new executive position, SVP and chief improvement officer, to spearhead the alignment of its digital and IoT functions. In addition, several manufacturers have recently created a new frontline role, IT manufacturing engineer, with dotted-line reporting to both OT and IT.”

It should be noted that attracting new talent isn’t as easy as simply offering the most competitive salary — workers who reflect the connected network of the IoT will also value your company’s culture. Internships, scholarships and retraining programs are all ways of aligning potential employees with the values of your enterprise.

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