The Internet of Brains
Wits University Researchers have performed a mind meld with the IoT

Researchers at Wits University have, for the first time ever, managed to connect a human brain to the internet in real time.

The name of the project? Brainternet.

Currently, the team is able to transmit EEG signals from a human subject and transmit them to a Raspberry Pi, which live streams the data. Essentially, this gives researchers access to (and the chance to analyze) the big data frontier of the human mind.

Project supervisor Adam Pantanowitz explained to Futurism that the opportunities don’t stop there, with a vision for a more interactive experience:

Brainternet can be further improved to classify recordings through a smart phone app that will provide data for a machine-learning algorithm. In future, there could be information transferred in both directions — inputs and outputs to the brain.”

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